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Nutrition Lessons

Nutrition is the process of eating the right kind of food and getting the right amount of exercise so you can grow properly and be healthy.
Bri McCurry is our Health Educator. She travels to the schools to teach nutrition lessons to our students.Her email is mccurryb@loudoncounty.org
So what are our students doing?
Kindergartners can name a variety of food, where they come from, and identify the 5 basic food groups.
First Graders are learning to describe and explain My Plate, plus exploring and adding new foods to their existing food group schemata.They can name various food, identify the 5 basic food groups, know why eating a variety of food is important and are learning a healthy snack from each food group.
Second Graders are exploring foods from each food group as they "roll a grocery list" and use it to plan a healthy, well balanced meal.
Third Graders are discovering the role advertising plays in decision making, and becoming advertising executives and entrepreneurs by using the tools of the advertising trade to create an advertisement for a healthy snack or activity they create.
Fourth Graders are learning the importance of, and strategies to incorporate, eating a variety of foods from each food group and getting enough physical activity in their day.
Fifth Graders are learning the ins and outs of reading nutrition labels and discovering what a portion size actually looks like using play dough and everyday household items.


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