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Mental Health Support

The wellness of our students is vital to their ability to learn. Our district's Coordinated School Health and Mental Health departments are dedicated to suppor.ting our students physical, social, and emotional needs.


With the collaboration between administrators, teachers, parents, counselors, school social workers and school psychologists, we provide social/emotional support and intervention. We focus on prevention as well as intensive intervention for those who need additional support.


Looking for additional support? Check out The Social Work Corner to have access to our Mindfulness Room and learn about more resources for your family! 


Learn more about our district's School Social Workers below! 

A school social worker (SSW) is a trained mental health professional who works to connect students, families, schools and communities to the support they need. SSW may offer individual or group counseling, psycho-education for students, parents, and educators, and work to connect families with local resources. 


Licensed School Social Workers function as an important link to identify barriers in the school, home, and community that affect students' abilities to develop their full social, emotional, and academic potential.

  • Assesses a student’s overall wellbeing, including any potential mental health needs
  • Provides counseling services, both on an individual and group basis
  • Acts as a link between students, parents, school staff, and the school district
  • Develops a network of services and supports for families in the community
  • Identifies and uses appropriate skills and supports when a student is in crisis in the school building
  • Supports students through any family crisis that may impact their child's well being and academic success
  • Identifies, addresses, and advocates for a student’s unmet needs
  • Assists students to learn skills to become resilient, successful learners
  • Assists students to obtain appropriate support at home and at school
  • Assists families with referrals to outside providers
  • Assists families who have financial stressors (Personal information is kept confidential)
  • Provides behavior consultation services to both teachers and parents
  • Provides education on suicide prevention and other social emotional topics for parents and teachers

Ask your school for assistance in reaching Emily Carroll. They can complete a referral for you.

Email: carrolle@loudoncounty.org

Phone:865-458-4326 (ext. 4084)