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Dawn Cox                                           
Supervisor                                                                               Email: [email protected]
Phone: (865) 458-5411 ext. 1014
Fax: (865) 458-6498                                                                                                  
Our Transportation Department operates over 40 buses that travel over 2,250 miles
day and nearly half a million miles a year covering 50 routes per day.
Approximately 60% of Loudon Co. Schools' students ride the bus at some time.
Effective 03/20/2023
Please click the 'Temporary Bus Changes' tab for the Interim Bus Routes of 11 and 12.



Twelve specific discussion topics for

parents of school bus passengers


  • The child should not shout while on the bus or distract the driver unnecessarily
  • While on the bus, the child needs to remain seated, forward facing at all times and keep the aisles clear
  • Parents should encourage their child to avoid horseplay while waiting on the bus
  • The child should never run to catch a missed bus
  • The child needs to arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives
  • The child needs to keep his head and arms inside the bus at all times
  • Parents should make sure that they remove loose drawstrings or ties on their child’s jacket and sweatshirt because they can snag on bus handrails
  • When boarding or leaving the bus, parents should tell their child to always walk in a single file line and use the handrail to avoid falls
  • The child should look before stepping into the street to make sure there are no cars passing the bus
  • The child should cross the street at least 10 feet (or five giant steps) in front of the bus
  • The child needs to exit from the front of the bus
  • The child should ask the bus driver for help if anything is dropped while entering or exiting the bus