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Insurance and Employee Benefits » Open Enrollment for Health, Dental, and Vision

Open Enrollment for Health, Dental, and Vision

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for Dental and Vision information
Annual Enrollment is:
  • Oct. 1-28, 2022, for Local Education & Retirees
  • Your chance to choose benefits or make benefit changes that will be effective the following  Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2023.


New in 2023!


Health insurance premiums are changing.   Please see the rate sheet for new premiums.

For active local education employees, monthly premiums will increase by $26 to $155 from 2022 rates, depending on the plan and tier you choose. Your premium increase depends on how much of the premium your employer pays. Your premium is automatically deducted from your paycheck each month.


There are additional health benefit changes. 

 Health benefit changes for 2023 include:

  • Deductibles for Premier and Standard Preferred Provider Organization plans will increase.
  • Co-insurance for Premier PPO will increase.
  • Out-of-pocket maximums for Standard PPO  will increase.
  • Emergency room costs for all PPOs will change from copay to deductible and coinsurance.
  • Allergy serum for all PPOs will change to deductible and coinsurance.
  • For all PPOs, specialty drug cost sharing will change to cost tiers and increase.
  • The Local CDHP maintenance medication list is changing to comply with IRS rules. Medications on this list are available at a lower cost when filling a 90-day supply. Enhancements
  • Applied Behavior Analysis for all PPOs will change from copay to deductible and coinsurance. The PPO deductible will be waived for in-network ABA.
  • The Local CDHP deductible will be waived for in-network blood sugar, cholesterol and blood clotting testing, when the test meet certain criteria.

Check the network status of your preferred providers

Health Insurance Carrier Network Information

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and Cigna, our health insurance carriers, administer our network options. Both carriers offer expansive networks of doctor, hospital and facility providers. For additional information about participating hospitals, please carefully review all information provided below, including the hospital list and other network information.


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Monday - Friday, 7 - 5 CT



  Find out if your providers are in the networks  
  BCBST Cigna
View PDF hospital list All Networks Hospital List All Networks Hospital List
Search carrier website for providers Network S
Network P
Open Access Plus
Download PDF provider directory

Network S
Network P


Open Access Plus


Download PDF provider directory
Network S
Network P

LocalPlus Volume 1
LocalPlus Volume 2

Open Access Plus Volume 1
Open Access Plus Volume 2

Contact carrier for help 800.558.6213 800.997.1617

You can choose from the following four carrier networks for your medical care.

Each of the four networks has providers (doctors, hospitals, facilities) throughout Tennessee and across the country. It’s important to check the networks carefully. The network choice you make during annual enrollment is for the entire plan year (Jan. 1 until Dec. 31), subject to eligibility. After annual enrollment ends, you won’t be able to change plans or networks for 2022. You may be able to make changes allowed by the plan if you have a qualifying event.


Network providers and hospitals can and do change. Benefits Administration cannot guarantee all providers and hospitals in a network at the beginning of the year will stay in that network for the entire year.

A provider or hospital leaving a network is not a qualifying event and does not allow you to make coverage changes.

Note: if you use providers outside of the network, you will be charged out-of-network rates.

Health Insurance Rates and Information
Open Enrollment dates:  Oct 1st - Oct 28th, 2022
Standard Dental, Standard Vision, and Premium Vision rates have been reduced effective Jan 1, 2023.
You can find the rate sheet listed below.
The actual dental and vision plans are staying the same.
        *** Remember that dependents are covered until the age of 19 - unless they are still in school - then they are covered until the age of 24.  I do not receive notification when your child would age out - you need to notify me so I can change  your premiums if needed.  
If you would like to make changes to your Dental or Vision coverage - please fill out the following application and
send to Tammy Isbill at Central Office - email is [email protected] 
                  Loudon County Simple application:  see below