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Insurance and Employee Benefits » Open Enrollment for Health, Dental, and Vision

Open Enrollment for Health, Dental, and Vision

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for Dental and Vision information
Annual Enrollment is:
  • Oct. 1-29, 2021, for Local Education, Local Government & Retirees
  • Your chance to choose benefits or make benefit changes that will be effective the following Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.


New in 2022!


You can now choose one of four networks of providers (doctors, hospitals, facilities) for your medical care.



  • Network S
  • Network P*


  • LocalPlus
  • Open Access Plus*

The BCBST Network S and Cigna LocalPlus networks do not include all the hospitals and providers found in broad networks in order to help keep your premiums, claim costs and rate increases low. There are no additional monthly premium costs for the BCBST Network S and Cigna LP networks.

The BCBST Network P and Cigna OAP networks give you more hospital choices in Tennessee but have an additional monthly cost, which is added to your monthly premium. In a broad network, you may also pay more per claim because the costs for services in these networks are generally higher than the narrow networks. 


Check the network status of your preferred providers

Each of the four networks has providers (doctors, hospitals, facilities) throughout Tennessee and across the country. It’s important to check the networks carefully. The network choice you make during annual enrollment is for the entire plan year (Jan. 1 until Dec. 31), subject to eligibility. After annual enrollment ends, you won’t be able to change plans or networks for 2022. You may be able to make changes allowed by the plan if you have a qualifying event.


Network providers and hospitals can and do change. Benefits Administration cannot guarantee  all providers and hospitals in a network at the beginning of the year will stay in that network for the entire year.

A provider or hospital leaving a network is not a qualifying event and does not allow you to make coverage changes.

Note: if you use providers outside of the network, you will be charged out-of-network rates.


Find out if your providers are in the networks:

*NOTE: The information in the PDF participating hospitals lists and printed directories is only 100% accurate the day it is sent to print. Providers and hospitals in the carriers' networks can change. You can check the network status of your preferred providers by calling BCBST or Cigna member services or by using the online provider search on the carrier webpage.



Enroll or make changes in Edison

You will use Employee Self Service in Edison (www.edison.tn.gov) to add, remove or make changes to your insurance coverage. Look for the green “Benefits Annual Enrollment” button. All the insurance plans in which you are currently enrolled, or that are available to you, are listed in Edison unless otherwise noted.

  • You can enroll on your computer or mobile device. Use the web browser native to its operating system.
  • When using Edison ESS, if your device has Windows 10, the preferred browser for Edison is Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer 11 will work on older devices that have previous versions of Windows. Clearing your internet browser’s cache and cookies can help resolve navigation issues that can happen in Edison. To review this document, click here.
  • Click here for ESS instructions for higher education, local education and local government employees.
  • For password reset help, all employees can call Edison at 866.376.0104.

Join an employee educational benefits webinar

Learn about your 2022 benefits options, changes and premiums. You can ask questions about your 2022 benefits. 

Click here for webinar information and to register

Join an employee insurance carrier webinar

Insurance carriers will present their products, and you can ask questions about your insurance choices. Registration required. Webinars will be recorded and posted on the ParTNers for Health YouTube page, under the Employee Webinar playlist so you can view them later. Click here for webinar information and to register.


Here’s help

  • Find Annual Enrollment newsletters and more on the Enrollment Materials page.
  • On the Videos page, learn more about PPOs, CDHP/HSAs, dental, vision, disability, FSAs, telehealth and preventive care. 
  • On the homepage, click the blue Questions? button to ask our help desk a question.
  • Click the green Help button at the bottom of the page to live chat during normal business hours.
  • Call Benefits Administration at 800.253.9981, M-F 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT.
  • Videos can help you enroll:
    • Retrieve your Edison ID
    • Log in to Edison for the first time
    • Reset your Edison password
    • Select/enroll in benefits in Edison

ID cards

  • All enrolled health plan members will get new medical, pharmacy and behavioral health ID cards in December for 2022.
  • Newly enrolled or current members enrolled in the dental DPPO (Preferred Provider) for 2022 will receive new dental cards from Delta Dental in December.
  • Members can always request additional cards by contacting their carrier network or vendor(s) or by using a vendor’s mobile app.
Health Insurance Rates and Information
Open Enrollment dates:  Oct 1st - Oct 29th, 2021
Standard dental rates have been reduced effective Jan 1, 2022.
You can find the rate sheet listed below.
The actual dental and vision plans are staying the same.
        *** Remember that dependents are covered until the age of 19 - unless they are still in school - then they are covered until the age of 24.  I do not receive notification when your child would age out - you need to notify me so I can change  your premiums if needed.  
If you would like to make changes to your Dental or Vision coverage - please fill out the following application and
send to Tammy Isbill at Central Office - email is [email protected] 
                  Loudon County Simple application:  see below