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Virtual Learning Resources Support

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It is the goal of Loudon County Schools to provide as timely as possible
tech support for our 2020-2021 digital learners.  
For tech help during regular school hours:  Call 865-986-4970
or...Submit a Technology Work Order
Login using your Email Credentials and try to be specific.
  1. to log in to computer, students use the login and password provided by the school.  
  2. to log in to Florida Virtual, they must add 2 zeroes to the front of their PASSWORD so that it is eight digits long.  Their password for FLVS will look something like this: 00HJ18FG (2 zeroes, 2 capitalized letters, 2 numbers, 2 capitalized letters)
  3. to log in to anything MICROSOFT 365 (email, TEAMS, forms, etc), they will have to enter their login WITH loudoncounty.org at the end of it. So, for example, email login is student04@loudoncounty.org with 6-digit password
One Change - For Florida Virtual login ONLY - add two 00 at beginning of student password.  They require an 8 character login.  Use normal password for computer login and Microsoft Office 365.  
If you see a ContentKeeper (our Internet filter) screen asking for username and password,
User Name: student  Password: loudon2020
In the event we are not able to solve your support issue in a reasonable amount of time, the district will provide a loaner device to use while repairs are made.
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Train yourself in Teams with additional resources
Learn about Teams and how to get started:


NEW - Added 9-8-20

Family Guide to Microsoft Teams

  1. Quickly learn about Teams and common classroom scenarios with clickable interactive demos for educators, families, and IT Admins (in English).
  2. Check out the Quick Start Guides if you’re an Educator (PDF)Student (PDF)
  3. Train yourself with Professional Development with the popular Microsoft Educator Community course, Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams.
  4. Watch helpful “how-to” videos with Teams Quick Tip videos on YouTube (or pick from a different Teams video playlist here).

Plus, check out these additional resources:

  1. Resources for parents, guardians or family members looking to support student learning: https://education.microsoft.com/resource/755e5a8b
  2. Teams online meeting safety guidance for educators and administrators.
  3. The Teams help homepage. You can also click Help in your Teams app at any time for extra how-tos and support!
This video is for students who will be using Microsoft Teams for education. 
See how to: 
- Get the Microsoft Teams app and install on your mobile device
- Log in with your student account
- Allow microphone access for video chats
- Allow notifications to receive class announcements
- Collaborate in class discussions 
- See assignments and receive feedback 
- View calendar Voice and video calls 

After this video check out the video tips to learn all the cool things you can do in Teams.