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Loudon County will graduate college and career ready learners through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.


Loudon County is in the eastern region of Tennessee and comprises 247 square miles. The county includes the cities of Greenback, Lenoir City, Loudon, and Philadelphia.  The state of Tennessee has a population of 6,403,353 and Loudon County has a population of 49,237. The population of Loudon County's cities is as following: Greenback: 988; Lenoir City: 7,403; Loudon: 4,668; Philadelphia: 683. The numbers reflect the rural nature of the district in that most Loudon County residents reside in the county and not within any city limits. The county population grew at a rate of 24.2% during 2000-2010. Loudon was listed as the seventh fastest growing county in Tennessee in the 2010 census.


The Loudon County School System is made up of nine schools that are quite diverse in their grade arrangement that serve 5,000 students. Eaton Elementary School is a PK-grade 4 school located on the north end of the county serving approximately 760 students.  Eaton students graduate to North Middle, which is located on the same campus. Highland Park Elementary is also located on the north end of the county and also serves about 400 PK- grade 4 students. Highland Park students feed into North Middle School. North Middle serves around 775 students. North Middle students attend Lenoir City High School which is in a neighboring school district within our county. Loudon Elementary serves 490 students in grades PK-grade 5 and transition to Fort Loudoun Middle. Just one mile from those two schools, Steekee Elementary serves 274 PK-grade 5 students.  They also move up to Fort Loudoun Middle. Fort Loudoun Middle serves 340 students who move up to Loudon High School. Philadelphia School serves 600 students in a PK- grade 8 setting. Philadelphia students also graduate to attend Loudon High School. Loudon High School serves approximately 800 students in grades 9-12. Greenback School serves PK-12 with 665 students.


During the past five years, our School District was named as one of the state's 21 Exemplary School Districts.  At the district level, the certified central office administrators wear many hats, as they often do in many small rural districts. The Director of Schools is Mike Garren. Jennifer Malone is the middle school instructional supervisor for grades six through eight and district technology supervisor. Matthew Tinker serves as the high school instructional supervisor for grades nine through twelve and CTE supervisor.  Joshua Reese is the special education supervisor for grades Pre-Kindergarten through twelve and serves as the Homeless Children liaison. Marvin Feezell is supervisor of the Title III program and serves as the liaison for Migrant Student Programs. He is also the Title I director, Pre-K Supervisor, and private schools' liaison. Maria Warren is supervisor of K-5 instruction and Response to Intervention (RTI).  Alan Ramos is Federal Programs Supervisor, ELL Supervisor, and heads up assessment and testing. 


There are nine building level principals and ten vice principals that serve directly in the nine schools. The teachers in Loudon County are 100% highly qualified as mandated by the state department of education.  There are seven ELL teachers in the county. There are music and art programs in all nine schools, inclusive of after school programs. Six schools have regular education pre-Kindergarten programs through the State of Tennessee Voluntary Pre-K grant and three schools have special education Pre-K programs. All nine schools have special education programs for all grade levels in their buildings; these programs include inclusion intervention, pull-out instruction, and self-contained instructional classrooms. All nine schools meet Title I qualifications.   We comply with all requirements for class size. 


Loudon County has always stated its purpose as focused on graduating self-directed learners. Loudon County strongly believes in the efficacy of the TNReady standards and their importance in restructuring educational opportunities for our students. In accordance with that belief, our purpose statement has evolved over the past few years into a vision that Loudon County students will be fully prepared to contribute to our community with an awareness of future educational opportunities and appreciation of the value of education. Our mission statement now says Loudon County will graduate college and career ready learners through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.


Through a careful examination of academic expectations in program offerings, we strive to provide the strongest and most appropriate education possible for all learners. We look at the whole child's well-being and strive to meet our students' physical, emotional, and social needs as well as their academic needs. Strong support services are provided to our students and their families. We believe family engagement is key to success and we hold a passionate belief in families as partners in education. At the district, school and classroom level, the bar of expectations is set high and communicated to all learners every day. This "every student, every day" attitude permeates everything that is planned, dreamed, and achieved in our school system.


The development of the statement of purpose was done with stakeholder input inclusive of parents, students, teachers, school board members and community members. This review of the system's purpose is done annually during parent advisory council meetings and school board workshops. Schools hold Principal's Night In meetings that solicit stakeholder input and opinions twice yearly. Parent-Teacher Organization meetings have time set aside for stakeholder input and are held three times a year at seven of our nine schools. Annual surveys to stakeholders provide sources of information and opinion to be used in formation of goals and purpose.