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Recognizing Improved Student Attendance in Loudon County Schools

Attendance Works (AW) a national and state of Tennessee initiative that promotes awareness regarding the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success, makes a clear case for engaging families to reduce chronic absenteeism. Good attendance habits begin at home with the right messages coming from parents and caregivers.

This school year, 61 students from nine Loudon County Schools achieved perfect attendance, which results in a 27% improvement over the 2016-17 school year’s perfect attendance record.

The following students were awarded district level certificate of merit for such worthy distinction in achieving perfect attendance this school year:
• North Middle School – Alexander Barton, Jayden Beal, Kyrah Beal, Alexus Beck, Alyssa Bevins, Elijah Butler, Emma Casteel, Caroline Chambers, Jack Dye, Sienna Ellison, Kayden Ezell, Madeline Fuller, Lauren Greene, Chloe Henry, Addison Kincer, Joshua Phillips, Haley Reed, Tyler Reed and Bade Yeager.
• Eaton Elementary School – Tarynn Beal, Tryzden Beal, Sofia Catola Calzadilla, Kenzlee Cook, Kingston Douglas, Isaac Dye, Juliana Ehrenshaft, Elijah Feezell, John Ferraris, Brian Fuller, Jacob Miller, Kristina Richardson, Laura Richardson and Savannah Wade.
• Fort Loudoun Middle School – Joshua Gonzalez, Magaly Lopez, Pashan Scott and Brady Hathaway.
• Greenback Public School – Elizabeth Davis, Averi Reagan, Tatum Hopson and Sienna Mull.
• Highland Park Elementary School – Madelyn Kriger, Oliver Vega-Majia and Jeylin Villatoro Lopez.
• Loudon Elementary – Santiago Frutos Gonzalez, Oscar Mejia Morales and Lizbeth Zavala Lara.
• Loudon High School – Diego Lopez, William Mitchell and Noah Feezell.
• Philadelphia Elementary School – Jordan Howell, Cody Letterman and Ravi Patel.
• Steekee Elementary School – Catalina Chadwick, Raylyn Love Hawkins, Scarlet Hawkins, Brayden Keller, Iris O’Dell, Andrew Schmieder, Danielle Vink, and Jerilynn Kelley.

In addition, four students accomplished extraordinary distinction by achieving perfect attendance for three consecutive school years: Brian Fuller, Jayden Beal, Kayden Ezell and Madeline Fuller. These achieving students were awarded district level three-year perfect attendance certificate of merit and I-phone accessory pop-socket. The following students achieved merit for two consecutive years of perfect attendance: Danielle Vink, Tarynn Beal, Tryzden Beal and Lauren Greene. These outstanding students were awarded district level two-year perfect attendance certificate of merit and a new special edition backpack.

Parents of each perfect attendance student was recognized and presented a family game basket including traditional family games, fun activities, a pizza dinner, healthy snacks and other special gifts. The family game baskets were sponsored by community partners at the Good Neighbors Shoppe, Papa John’s Pizza - Lenoir City, United Way of Loudon County, Crus’in for Kids Car & Motorcycle Show, Loudon County Schools and the Family Resource Center.