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September is Attendance Awareness Month


Loudon County Schools are using the fifth-annual Attendance Awareness Month to encourage students, parents, schools and communities to remember that engagement matters for attendance. Under this year’s theme, Engagement = Attendance, we are emphasizing the important role everyone can play in creating a welcoming and engaging school environment that motivates students and families to come to school every day. Attendance is essential to school success, but too often students, parents and schools do not realize how quickly absences — excused and unexcused — can add up to academic trouble. Chronic absence — missing 10 percent of the school year, or just 2-3 days every month—can translate into third-graders unable to master reading, sixth-graders failing courses and ninth-graders dropping out of high school.

Parents and families are essential partners in promoting good attendance because they have the bottom-line responsibility for making sure their children get to school every day. Just as parents should focus on how their children are performing academically, they have a responsibility to set expectations for good attendance and to monitor their children’s absences, so that missed days don’t add up to academic trouble.


Students & Good Family Practices

Perfect Attendance Awards

A student's commitment to his studies and his school can be measured in many ways -- from the number of days present at school, to achieving progress and making good grades. Loudon County Schools seeks to reward dedicated students who have a perfect attendance record (no tardies, no absences and no leaving early) this school year by:

  • Awarding a certificate of merit to each student with a perfect attendance record.
  • Public recognition of each student via local newspaper or social media

for such worthy distinction in achieving perfect attendance.

  • Recognizing the families of these students during the month of June for engaging in good family practices that resulted in their child’s perfect attendance. Each family shall be presented a family fun game night package which includes family fun activities, a pizza and other special gifts.

(Student participation via parent permission)

Currently sponsored by the following community partners: Good Neighbor Shoppe, Domino’s–Loudon, Domino’s–Lenoir City, United Way of Loudon County, Papa John’s Pizza, Crus’in for Kids Car Show, Loudon County Department of Health, Family Resource Center & Loudon County Schools