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Check out 8 Sample Questions to Get a Feel for TNReady

Pop quiz! When Tennessee students in grades 3-11 begin taking TNReady, they will be greeted with:

A) Multiple-choice questions
B) Essay prompts
C) Open-ended responses
D) Multiple-answer questions
E) All of the above

The answer would be E – all of the above.

TNReady, Tennessee’s state test that better measures student progress, uses a few different types of question formats to give students a variety of ways to show what the know and can do. But for parents and older students who might be used to tests that rely predominantly or entirely on multiple-choice questions, it’s important to know that TNReady is different.

To give parents and students a sense of the types of questions asked on TNReady, we dug through the Tennessee Department of Education’s parent guide to find sample questions to show a few of the questions types on the assessment.

http://tnscore.org/check-out-eight-sample-questions-to-get-a-feel-for-tnready/ Source: SCORE